Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Summer Monday

It's August, and there is a slight sliver of Autumn in the air. My favorite time of the year. At work I kept thinking about tons of things: life, distance, math, Thoreau's "life with out Principle", relationships, my annoying MMA obsessed 21 year old coworker, and the new road bike waiting at home.

I only had a few customers to deal with today and was even offered a cup coffee by one who lives in Austin Texas, because i found a way to back up her files on her corrupt Hard drive. I decided to take it easy, since it'd been a long and busy weekend. Pacing myself on my daily work tasks which consist of mindless data entry, repairing countless units, helping the warehouse, calling the shipping discrepancies ect.

As i though about registering for school, the work bell rang (yes we have a bell, it's that "charge" tune) and i ran to the door like a middle school kid on a Friday afternoon. On the drive home Traffic was not unbearable, and I felt the sun in my skin, warm and welcoming. I knew right away it was going to be a bike ride day.

it took 30 seconds to get to the apartment, get my bike out and get on the road. The breeze in my face, and the feeling of freedom and relief. Still not used to the road bike and how it handles, but i made my way amongst the crowds of students on the SJSU campus. All of them weaving and scurrying to get to class.

Like a ton of bricks, nostalgia hit me. I stopped, got off the bike and went into the student union. I remembered how at night i would come here in between by 5-7pm and 8-10pm classes and do homework, eat dinner (homemade tuna sandwiches) or if i was fortunate take a nap on those most comfortable long benches.

walking with my bike, i went past the engineering building. Students walking to the elevators in the lobby, going to their classes or labs. i stepped in for a sec. Just to smell the building again. It smelled the same. Ah the scent is a combination of a hospital, movie theater and books.

Back on the bike. riding back home. I though "next time, do not, do not ride through campus" too emotional.

The room mate greeted me, "hey asshole, i got some wine, want some?" i had a glass. It was cheap 2 dollar wine.

felt ok.

Later that night/next day i had another 1.5 glasses.


  1. You need to stop or you're going to make me cry. Don't be so nostalgic. School is just one of life's phases, and now it's over. Move on to the next stage.

  2. but more importantly, what kind of wine was it? if you go to trader joes, you can get "$2 chuck." grab a couple bottles, try them out. whatever you like, go back and buy more. they make small batches and distribute to the stores. although you may get a cabernet, it may not taste like the one you drank if you wait a month to get another bottle. oh, and this is deanna. (random comment, i know. OH! BTW! bbq sat sept 19. 2pm. mi casa.)