Saturday, August 15, 2009

Holding on

Sometimes it becomes hard to let go. We cling to an idea, to a fantasy, to a feeling and refuse to see the reality behind it. Even when everything is pointing to how improbable and how illogical it all is, we still stubbornly cling on.

I've been clinging on. holding on to a feeling for the past two months. Refusing to face the reality. Don't get me wrong, I see it. I see the logical side, the pragmatic path, but i have (been up to this point) reluctant to take it.

Maybe it was my fear of loneliness, or insecurities, or who knows, that kept me attached to these feelings. Strong feelings that no matter what, refused to let go. But it has slowly become clear that it is no longer healthy to continue this way. I must let this pass, I must learn from it, i must let it heal, i must let go.

My friend Ana put it best

"endings are beginnings"

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