Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama's new immigration time table

It seems that my original speculation was right. Yesterday Obama announced that the immigration debate would begin in the fall and that there would be an early vote in the spring of 2010. In a way this is good news, because he is committing to a certain timetable. However, he had committed to passing such reform in his first year in office, so I guess I should take this with a grain of salt. My worries, fears and concerns are that since 2010 will be an election year, then many of the congressmen and senators will not have the backbone to pass such reform and that once again our dreams and hopes will be dashed.

I’m pretty much tired of this game, where we are told to once again hold our breaths, and put our lives on hold for another year, with the promise that “next year” will be the year. For many of us, this fabled “next year” is nothing than a dream, a carrot, dangling in front of us. Taunting us with the promise of a better life. Of an existence and acknowledgement which we all yearn for.

I know for the past few months I have let my mind and worry take a hold. It is hard to continue to wait for “next year” year after year. But I hope, I pray, I yearn that this is it. I will do my best to keep my head up, my resolve strong and my hopes strong.

After all its like my friend Fernando said, “we’ve been waiting for 20 years, what’s another 4 months?”

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