Friday, March 19, 2010

Si Se Puede

A few days ago a grabbed a burger for lunch at a Burger King close to my job. As i pulled up to the window to pay i recognized the young man that was taking my money. His name was Antonio. I had worked with him back in 2007 during my stint at burger king (not this particular location though). He recognized me as well and we got to catching up.

I told him I had graduated and that i was working nearby, and i asked how he was doing and how his son was. "ya arregle" , he told me with a huge smile on his face.

literal translation: I was fixed

Meaning his status had been adjusted. He told me he had the final interview in the next few days and that his social had been sent out to him. I congratulated him. I couldn't believe it. Happiness filled my body, and i felt so relieved for Antonio.

we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet up one of these days to catch up over some food.

As i drove away i could not help but think, if i felt such happiness for Antonio getting his papers, how would it feel if i got mine?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Name Is

March 15-21st is National Undocumented Coming Out Week.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quick Update before i go jogging

Spent two days going to two different clinics. First one didn't calm my worries, since it was kinda shady. The second was more in dept check up and included a blood test.

Yet they didnt specifically say what is wrong or if it is anything to worry too much about.

what i do know from the second clinic is that my glucose level seems to be a bit high, not diabetic but still need to manage this better, and that the doctor thinks this is also caused by stress. (he asked me what i was stressed about- immigration says I).

I was told that i should monitor my leg symptoms for 2 weeks and if it got worse i should go back. ditto. Also to keep jogging and take vitamin B6. got it.

the blood test is for diabetes, cholesterol and any deficiencies.

I hope it is all just stress and that it will pass. But for now imma go for a run.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check Up

Woke up at 2am, had a slight ringing in my ears, and felt the leg acting up. not sure if im being neurotic or what. fell asleep again at 430.

woke up at 8 and the two middle toes on my left foot are numb. this made up my mind.

Called work 5 minutes ago, not going in. Im going to go to various health clinics and see which one i can afford so i can get a physical, and blood test done.

this leg thing is worrying me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Numb Foot

It started a month ago. I was taking a nap and when i woke up i noticed that two toes on my left foot were asleep. I took my sock off thinking that it was too tight. Not much thought.

Then in LA i noticed this happening more, but i blamed it on the weird positions i had while crashing on friend's couches. The problem however has gotten considerably worse.

Now i feel my foot get numb. not just my toes. And my shin feels odd. So i did what any one in my condition would do. I google searched the symptoms.

The results consist of mainly: pinched nerve, or diabetes.

I'm a little worried since Diabetes runs in my family. I am praying that it is a pinched nerve (since i also began running again about one month ago). But as the time is passing the leg seems to be more and more susceptible to variations in my eating habits.

I googled a health clinic, since i dont have health insurance, and will probably try to go in and get check out.

Funny how in the middle of this whole health care debacle i suddenly have a much higher appreciation for the need of health insurance :p