Sunday, March 27, 2011

Waking Up

planned on sleeping in but that didnt seem to work out. Worked yesterday so sunday was definitely the sleep in day. I was pretty tired too after a "at home" day splurging on episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" random guitar playing and some reading, but i also finished repairing Renes computers and Monica Came to pick them up.

Now im up, just woke up kyle and about to get ready for some Pho for breakfast. Then head to Ikea with Monica to buy stuff for her wedding and finally go print some fotos and get some frames.

Suns out, the day looks promising.

On another note: 2 weeks i'll be 29. goddamn. in 3 Weeks Houston.

Favorite Cliche :"life is change, be flexible" i think imma get that tattoed