Friday, March 19, 2010

Si Se Puede

A few days ago a grabbed a burger for lunch at a Burger King close to my job. As i pulled up to the window to pay i recognized the young man that was taking my money. His name was Antonio. I had worked with him back in 2007 during my stint at burger king (not this particular location though). He recognized me as well and we got to catching up.

I told him I had graduated and that i was working nearby, and i asked how he was doing and how his son was. "ya arregle" , he told me with a huge smile on his face.

literal translation: I was fixed

Meaning his status had been adjusted. He told me he had the final interview in the next few days and that his social had been sent out to him. I congratulated him. I couldn't believe it. Happiness filled my body, and i felt so relieved for Antonio.

we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet up one of these days to catch up over some food.

As i drove away i could not help but think, if i felt such happiness for Antonio getting his papers, how would it feel if i got mine?


  1. It's always great to find out when someone you know gets their papers.It gives you hope that one day you will get yours as well. As for how it will feel just think of your biggest accomplishment and picture that times a million.

  2. I got shivers down my body just reading this story. I feel the same way whenever I hear of someone who "got fixed" as well, hahaha. It's such great happiness. I can't help but to always wonder how exactly I'm gonna react when I see DREAM passing as well.

  3. Don't want to always be the downer, but nothing is "fixed" until after the final interview. Hopefully everything went smoothly. But most people who have problems arreglando su estatus don't find out until the "final interview."

    Anyway, GIR in 2010!

    Dave B.

  4. we're going to have a big ass party. i'll bring the flan.