Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Death panels and Illeeegals

Background for the story: I work at a "shady" repair center. it is a 3rd party repair facility, not owned by the original product manufacturer. I recently got promoted to "customer service rep" (at a whooping 8 dollars...still) because I am the only non Chinese worker, and speak English. this is an actual phone conversation:

Hi (insert repair center name here) this is Gabriel speaking, how may i help you?

"yes hi I am looking for (co worker name) is he available?"

Oh im sorry ma'am, he is out on lunch, he should be back in about ten minutes, can i help you with something?

"oh well i wanted to speak with (co worker), but can i stay on hold with you, i cant hang up i might not get signal again"


-Customer then proceeds to inform me she is 67, from South Carolina and that she cannot get on the internet with her laptop. i help her trouble shoot her wireless connection and get her back online.

"thank you Gabriel"

-she then proceeds to chat with me about random things. And the conversation takes an awkward turn.

" Gabriel, do you know what is going on in this country right now?"

errm. no ma'am

"well this president is trying to make our country in to a nazi state. have you heard that they want all seniors to register for voluntary euthanasia training?"

(oh man) oh wow, no ma'am im not really too up to to date with the news

"yeah, it is a shame, we need to fight this. Did you hear about the energy proposals?...i would have to buy a new house!"

-this goes on for about five minutes

"and the worse part Gabriel is that it's not only this president. But the Illegals are ruining our country too! they just keep on bringing their diseases and gangs...."

( i kinda zone out)

errm ma'am?

"Gabriel, i want you to email me so i can keep you in my mailing list and send you information about these issues"

I can't give out my email ma'am it's against company policy. but (coworker) is back if you wish to speak with him.

- Yikes


  1. there are some pretty weird and messed up people out there, and I feel bad for them that they think this way...I've experienced something similar before, though not as crazy as this woman...after Nov. 4th, someone I volunteered with asked me who I voted for..i said Obama (though I can't vote)..and she said, do you realize he's killing babies by the minute? Seriously, these people...

  2. I got some concerns as well, but the reality is that people like this hold the power to vote and they actually get their voices out there. Which is something more and more of us have to do.

    let's keep it up. And thanks for posting this, is awful but awakening at the same time.

  3. Sign her up for junk mail!!! (dream act petition...)