Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's almost two A.M. on august 25th 2009. I'm sitting in bed, thinking of everything and nothing. thoughts are flashing in and out. won't let me rest. Mainly about how things often turn out, and how we as people sometimes aren't strong enough to endure them.

It seems ages, when i first started talking on DAP. A group of us. optimistic about the future. about our lives. DREAM. Making plans. road trips. flights. visits. laughs.

Time's gone by. things have changed. people come and go. promises made. agendas changed. Loves that have come. friends made.

Friends with an unspoken bond. an understanding. and a respect. It seems ages, when i met Mark. when our transition from digital to human occurred. Since then, four times. each making that bond stronger than the last.

Funny how things work out. As strange as it sounds. I met a person on an online forum and now consider him one of my closest friends. And as he moves to another state to go forward, i cant help but feel a sadness in my heart.

still i'm thankful. that despite this fucked up reality we both live in. some how two American foreigners were brought together by their lack of an identity.

Mark. If you read this. I wish you the best brother. you are truly someone i look up to. for having such courage to take your life into your own hands.


  1. Best of luck to Mark!

    btw is he trainhopping?

  2. Aww, I love these pictures. Best of luck to Mark :)

  3. You're living, G. See you on the flip side soon.