Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day Dream

Back in the year 2001, i would commute to work one hour and a half with my father from San Jose to Los Banos. I was going to a local community college in los Banos at the time, and so on the drive back i would be doing my homework so that as soon as we got into town i could grab a bite and head to class.

During these drives, i would often look out the passenger side window and drift off into a nice day dream about the future. My future as a successful engineer, with all my undocumented issues gone. I would picture myself coming home in my BMW 323, to a 2 story town house and cook dinner while the TV was on. In retrospect these dreams where all materialistic, and not to substantive. But they were just that dreams. hopes for a better future and a better lifestyle.

As i got older, my priorities began changing. I realized that i don't want to be consumed my material needs as much as i used to, and that i don't want to be stuck in a lab from 9 to 9. However the hopes of me exercising my degree have not faded, i just want a bit more than money.

So now, when i get the chance i day dream that i will be a great math teacher, inspiring youth to pursue careers in in science and engineering, or just to follow their dreams. I dream of being able to travel to different countries and immerse myself in the culture, months at a time. I see myself, in a modest home, and with a family. My past finally behind me and my future bright ahead of me.

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  1. I told you to write something fun, not boring. Just kidding. I hope you become a teacher too.