Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Choice

It is on my mind. I can't get it out. It will not leave my consciousness.


My father came home from a visit to the lawyer. "so if you got married, it would be only 3 months before you got your Social and conditional residency."

"It would have to be real"

yeah. i know.

My cousin met a nice man, fell in love and married. I know of a Dreamer in texas that married his college sweetheart, they are now having a baby and he is an Petroleum Engineer and a USC.

I was never big on marriage. And i haven't had a normal dating life.


Three months. that is 1.25% of the amount of years i have lived in the US.


  1. "Si no quieres, ya no tienes que volver a encender aquel sol. A"

    and what do you mean by "not having a normal dating life?" What is wrong here?

  2. yeah ive been told that way too many times as well. its not that easy though!