Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Quick write

Just got in to San Jose from Los Banos. Works at 9. Decided to partake in an exercise that we used to do in my English 1B class.

the sound of the crow outside the window rings in my head. amplified and stretched. smaller birds signing only serve to calm the thoughts of everything that's going on. Love the mornings. the scents and the cool air as it touches my face, shame i can't get up early more often. sleep consumes. controls. regenerates and invigorates. still haven't found a PA system for tomorrow. push it back to the last lump of brain. ill improvise. wheres the crow? still hear the birds, yet the crow ceased to exist. heavy eyes. why is the sun out! i want to sleep. i should get up. productivity, that's what you studied no?

maybe tomorrow. sleep for now.

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