Thursday, June 11, 2009

CNN and UCLA dreamer

It's encouraging to see so much more media and support for the DREAM Act in this pivotal year. It gives me great hopes to see such momentum.

But as i watched Nancy's story i couldn't help but feel a deep emptiness inside of me, a great sadness filling me slowly. I see so much potential in this young woman, in her peers at UCLA, in the Hurtados at Santa Clara University, in my younger sister, in Cintia from Houston, Ana from Sacramento, Erick, Fernando,Fermin, Gladys, Ju,Karla, Seung,Perna, Mohammed, Gilbert,Juan, Piash, Tam, Eduardo, Mark, Maria, Carlo,Tom. In countless others.

I see their faces.
their hopes.

And it kills me to feel so impotent.


  1. But we're all together... and this time we won't fail. That's another thing that's changed from before :) We can take these feelings and use them to push forward. I'm here <3

  2. She is illegal and needs to leave the country. Go to Mexico and go to school there.

  3. Bert Sagi. Thank you for your wise words. They serve a s a reminder of how strong we need to be in order to fight the ignorance and hatred that abounds in people like you.

    Illegal is not a state of being but a label, no human being is illegal. no human being is an object.

    Nancy is an American, and will go to school here.


  4. I feel for Nancy. My story is so similar to hers. I've been here since I was a few months old. This is home to me. I am also a 3.8 GPA and unable to go to grad school for the same reasons. I do not know anyone a situation similar to mine. How can I get in touch with Nancy or other such students for advice/ support?