Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Anniversary

Some time this month, (not sure the specific date anymore) in 1989 I crossed that line that separated two worlds from me.

June 1989, it was hot, we had spent a few night's in a Tijuana shanty town were the houses where made of cardboard and aluminum sheets. My Tia had lived there for some time and had lent her extra room for us to rent.

I dont remember much about the actual border. We came on a tourist visa, my dad wasnt approved for one. We waited for a long time in a car with my aunt Sonia (whom with i currently live). The last thing i remeber of Mexico, is looking out the back window and waving good bye to my father as he smiled.

I was excited for our trip, for this change.

My father was on the verge of tears, afraid hed never see us again.

Twenty years have flown by. It would be bittersweet to have some resolution this year.


  1. Yeah, it will be 11 years this August for me. Time flies. But 20 years, damn.

  2. This July marks my 21st anniversary. Keep the faith alive. We're almost there.

  3. 19 years and counting...ah the hope.It never fails.