Wednesday, September 23, 2009

National Back to School DREAM Act Day of Action

Today was the National Back to School DREAM Act Day of Action, united we dream and many other organizations got together to promote these events. In total there were over 120 events nation wide. From film screenings to petitions to marches and press conferences. Undocumented students and their supporters gathered the motivation to push once again for the DREAM Act.

It is September 23rd. 8 months after the new administration took place. more than a year since these words were said by the now President Barack Obama: "the DREAM Act, i believe, is something we can pass immediately"

some one please give me the definition that this administration has of Immediately

Granted there are other issues being taken on right now, but in all honesty, the amount of time it would take the people in Washington to enact the DREAM act is minuscule compared to Health care reform, Economic recovery ect ect. But the benefits it would yield to the undocumented students would be monumental.

Too bad immideately is not soon enough


  1. You're absolutely right. The DREAM Act should be passed now.

  2. So, how were you able to get your bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering? Where were you able to go to college?? And how was the process done? Im just curious. Thank you

  3. Well Yuri, in california we have a bill called AB540 which allowed me to pay instate tuition (no financial aid) and i worked my way through college. I applied with my ITIN (indivdual tax Identification Number) with which i pay taxes.

    I saw from your profile that you are in Texas, and there are various organizations there which help Undocumented students, here is one of the links check them out, and let me know if you need more help. id be happy to