Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bike Party.

Its been slow progress, but i'm starting to finally thaw out and get out of my old anti social comfort zone.

I've been invited by acquaintances to join them at a monthly bike ride called Bike Party, in San Jose. Usually pass, since 1. im not in shape 2. out of my usual things to do list (its a short list jaja)

This past friday I opted against staying in on a friday and going to sleep at 11. I called up my buddy kevin and got on the bikes. I am so glad. the ride was an experience i wont soon forget. So many people, just out riding and having fun. Over 2000 riders across 24 miles in a span of four hours.

The breeze on my face as i rode, the worry free feeling of being young.

I cant wait till the next one

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