Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CNN: Worst Person of the Week

This Time it's CNN, which decided to run a segment on the DREAM Act.

This might have been a great opportunity to actually cover the DREAM Act in a non-biased and completely objective way, but instead it was handed over to none other than Bilbo Dobbins (aka Mr. Lou Dobbs).

I actually sat through part of his show in order to catch the segment. Having me do that in of itself should be reason enough to have CNN nominated as WPotW.

When the segment about DREAM was finally on, I got exactly what I was expecting. A narrow minded, xenophobic distortion of what DREAM is all about. Here's some of the "highlights":

  • Amnesty!
  • In-state tuition!
  • A background on Mexican people actually crossing the border! GASP!
  • Mass Family petitions, done and approved in an Instant!
  • and of course AMNESTY! ( I love capslock)
The people that read this blog already know most of the counter arguments to these illogical points, so we wont delve in to them much. I'll just do highlights on that too:
  • Not amnesty! (I, along with my many peers have paid our dues thank you)
  • No instate tuition to every state, it will allow you to become a resident, thus qualifying for the tuition fees of the state you already resided in.
  • A lot of DREAMers aren't Mexican, DREAMers didn't swim across the Rio Grande for instate tuition.
  • The legislation clearly states only USC can petition family ( with DREAM it would be about 6+ years to attain citizenship...not so instant)
  • Finally, Not Amnesty!
OH! also Mr. Dobbs, finished his segment with something like "instate tuition for illegals? When no state provides instate tuition for American Citizens from other states!". Ok one, read above. But secondly, the majority of AB540 beneficiaries are...ready Dobbs?..... U.S. citizens that had moved out of California. Love that Dobbins.

The funny thing is that CNN has a new TV spot, which includes Mr. Anderson Cooper highlighting CNN's efforts at unbiased reporting by "keeping them honest".

Yes, that's all very well, but I ask, who is keeping your employer honest Mr. Cooper?

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  1. I just go to say that I love how these so-called news reporters continue to spew hatred and ignorance, when just down the hall they are taping CNN en Español. C'mon, shouldn't that give you an idea of where the U.S. is at, culturally speaking? They can fight it all they want, but change is inevitable.
    Great post.