Saturday, April 18, 2009

William Gheen: Worst Person of the Week

(Sorry, scratch that. Gheen is the worst person of the month)

~A little bit of background story:

Recently former Congressman Tom Tancredo was invited to speak at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. His topic of discussion? The evil DREAM Act.

While he was getting ready to speak a group of people gathered outside to protest Mr. Tancredo's presence on campus. Apparently Mr. Tancredo's speech was disrupted as soon as he took to the mike; he was greeted by chants of "No dialogue with hate!"

Security escorted the protesters out, and soon, according to reports, "more protesters walked to the front of the room and put a sign in front of him, leading to pandemonium and a glass window being broken."

Mr. Tancredo did not finish his speech.

This weeks beef is not with Mr. Tancredo, (although I could dedicate 10 gigs of writing for his "worst person"), rather it's with the infamous William Gheen, who is president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

See, it turns out that Gheen was conveniently videotaping everything that occurred. And immediately uploaded it to the web, screaming bloody murder, and pointing out that "Illegal" Immigrants tend to be violent, even the educated ones.

Gheen also released the following statement:

"The hatred, intolerance, and animosity that was behind the shattered glass in that room was the same human emotion that sends bricks through the store fronts of Jewish business owners"

Now, clearly he is implicitly blaming this havoc on Dreamers, trying to make us look like an angry mob. However, if one takes a second to ponder about the potential repercussions of the protester's violent actions, such as jail time, then one thing becomes apparent.

Undocumented student's would not risk being deported for such inefficient means of expressing one's self.

This thought then leads me into a conspiracy theory that begins by asking:
"who would have the most to gain from Mr. Tancredo being harassed off stage?"
Clearly not my peers and I. Personally I do not condone violence, and I'm sure this sentiment is shared by many undocumented students who have been shouted at, harassed and Capslocked by the neighborhood Gheene fan.

Yet, the opposition relishes in its aggressive (and often times violent) efforts at making undocumented immigrants be pervasive law breakers.

So, when faced with intelligent English speaking, college educated, logic following undocumented immigrants, Gheene and his crew got desperate and formulated this disruption.

or maybe, Mr. Tancredo forgot to write his speech and this was his back up plan?


  1. HAHAHAHA .... I am sorry, this needs to be posted up at The Sanctuary LOL

  2. Actually, the people protesting were a bunch of over-privileged white kids for the most part. No person of color, much less undocumented, was part of the protest.

  3. "UNC Student" (if they are one) is wrong. Coming from an immigrant family myself, and being part of the protest outside, I can tell you that about 20% of the protesters outside were from immigrant families or people of color. You can watch the videos to confirm that.

    It is true that the people inside unfurling banners were all white students. I think it is okay for white students to confront white supremacists.

  4. Always blaming someone else for your OWN PROBLEMS. Instead of writing about how some people on your side of immigration issues are giving you all a bad name, you blame any American you can for being responsible for your troubles even if it means making up some ludicrous conspiracy theory to cover for your complete lack of evidence or integrity in this matter.

  5. clearly you need a lesson in sarcasm and irony my friend. It must be all the trolling that has got you so obtuse. go out and get some sun soon. I bet its nice.