Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life in a Tilde

I've had the idea of getting a tattoo for the past 5 1/2 years. I knew what I wanted it to be, but I also know that a tattoo is not to be taken lightly and done on whim.

So I've been wearing a hair band on my wrist for the past 5 1/2 years, to see if I can last with an "accessory" on me. So far I've lasted.

Sometimes I use a pen and "draw" the tattoo on me for reasons relating aesthetics (and vanity?).

Here's the future Tat:

It obviously represents the years I've lived here. As for the 2009, well it is the twenty year anniversary, and also the year in which some sort of resolution to this dilemma will come. I either stay or I leave.

But as I looked at my wrist today all I could think about is the notion of how much life is represented by that tilde.


  1. I know how much that means to you... but remember, you will be constantly asked who died, or what that represents, since it usually represents a life of someone close. Take it from someone who has a shitload of tattoos, it can get really really annoying. what about a barcode with those dates underneath them? my .02 good luck with your future tat.

  2. barcode sounds interesting. As for the questions, i guess i would just plain out say what it means or say "of nothin".

    (btw in your opinion what would be the avg cost for a small tattoo like that?)

  3. depends where you live. Guessing whatever the minimum is in the shop... it's not complicated. LA is expensive... but anywhere from 40 bucks to 80. the wrist though is a bitch because it won't hold the ink very well. friction will wear it off, so it will need to be touched up.

    if you like the barcode, since respectively, all you are considered is a "number", what about the back of the neck... tucked up against your hairline? Or your heel? Besides... a wrist tattoo is more likely to hold you back from employment opportunities anyways. good luck.

  4. I've held back on tattoos for the same reasons, future jobs. I would lave to get some and wear them with pride, not hiding them. I've thought about the bar code after I get a SS # as a symbol of what it really means and how much it'll change my life. I say get a picture of something that goes along the same line as those dates.