Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok. I got one.

I'm going back to the Bay Area. Got a job, pay sucks but on the flip side its not fast food! yay. I kinda wanted a server job. Meet more people. But this will do for now.

It's always an ambivalent feeling for me when a get a new gig. First I'm glad and relieved that I actually have to stop looking for one, but then my mind focuses on how overqualified I am, or how it's still the underground economy that employs me, or even worse, how If only I had legal status I could actually make a decent wage and help out my family.

Oh, also while driving home today I was thinking about the future and all of the random things I want to accomplish. The engineering jobs, the MBA, the photography/film career and teaching. As for teaching I've been debating what to teach. I finally came to the conclusion that I want to get my teaching credential so I can torture kids with math problems!

Anyhow, posts may subside for a while. My apologies, since I will have limited internet access from my tia's living room. :)

For the "love" of money.


  1. boo I hated math, but if the teacher was cool and knew they're stuff then they were ok I guess. But congrats on finding work !!!!

  2. Dude you are coming to the Bay Area and I may be leaving the Bay Area. Anyway, hit me up while you are here.

  3. Congrats on the job!