Saturday, January 31, 2009


I found some footage i took from the SJ rally back in April 10, 2005, this was the one of the first marches to follow the one that took place in Chicago, and I had just come out of class (back then I carried my camera everywhere). I believe the turnout was about 10,000 ppl. The next one, on May 1, 2005 was in the hundreds of thousands.

The second Video is of the 2006 March in San Francisco. It was more festive and full of youth.

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  1. No doubt that the power is in the numbers. I've just signed up to follow your blog. I remember that march because I went, and I live in Chicago. As a fellow DAP member, I enjoy your work and advocacy. I'm working on my own blog, nothing fancy since this is all new to me.

    Keep it up.