Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jerry Walker: Worst Person of the Week

Inspired by MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, I have decided to (try to) have a weekly post in which I shine a light on some of the main supporters of the anti-immigration movement. This weeks person?

Jerry Walker, a member of the Maricopa County Community College District's governing board.

During a a school sponsored trip to Washington D.C. Mr. Walker heckled a student while she was giving a demonstration on the DREAM Act to Rep. Trent Frank’s legislative aide (Bobby J. Cornett). The East Valley Tribune describes how the student " broke into tears after Walker, a member of the district’s governing board, incessantly ridiculed her during her attempts to lobby for federal legislation to help illegal immigrant students"

The Tribune writes how according to the students complain Walker continuously interrupted her presentation on the act. Walker allegedly interjected comments including, “you are wrong,” “that is not true,” and “I do not agree with you.” Then at the conclusion of the presentation, Walter apologized to Cornett for the student's "rude" behavior.

Mr. Cornett states "I found it, you know, kind of strange that (Walker) would apologize for something I didn’t even think happened."

At the end of this meeting the student recalls how she " began to pick up my pace in order to catch up with the group, while Mr. Walker began to verbally attack and pursue me down the hall".

The next meeting took place with Sen. Jon Kyl’s legislative aide,at the end of it another student, Christopher Esteen, says that "Walker started to accuse the female student of lying during her presentation, calling the DREAM Act 'stupid' and the student 'dumb'."

The Tribune describes:

The female student attempted to diffuse the increasingly tense situation, according to her complaint. She responded to Walker that he has a right to his opinion, but she disagrees.

Student witnesses said that response only pushed Walker to make his case more loudly.

As it continued, Walker “began to yell at me and tell me that he did (not) care how I felt about his opinion and that 65 (percent) of the citizens of Arizona agreed with him and that was all that mattered to him,” the student’s complaint said.

Walker told the Tribune that he informed the female student that 71 percent, not 65 percent, of voters approved Prop. 300.

The female student then lost her composure. She made her way to a public bathroom.

The four other Maricopa district board members have already sent an apology letter to Rep. Trent Frank’s legislative aide. However Mr. Walker is unrepentant. Instead he wants to spin this by saying that the real victims are "his political views and those of local taxpayers".

Oh best part? Walker is a Baptist minister-in-training.

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  1. If you want to help illegal immgigrants go ahead. I think you're a fool for thinking that everyone should have to pay for them by passing laws in favor of them. If you're illegal, you shouldn't be here. Figure everything out, do it right and come here LEGALLY, otherwise you should get -0- from the government. Thank god for people willing to stand up for American CITIZENS like Mr Walker!

  2. Since when does being a minister in training mean that he has to roll over on his view points? I feel that Mr.Walker was correct in his statement and that he went there to protect the views of the public, which placed him into office.

  3. Mr. Walker's reason is blinded by xenophobia.
    Arizona voters passed Prop. 300 that eliminates state funding for the education of the undocumented students. The DREAM Act is a legislation to provide a path to legalization to students that had finished High School, have good moral character and have two years of post-secondary education or join the military.
    Mr. "Pastor" should be nominated for the dumbest person of the year and the xenophobe of the decade.
    What Would Jesus Do?, by the way.....

  4. "I think you're a fool for thinking that everyone should have to pay for them by passing laws in favor of them"

    DREAM Act does not support financial aid, it provides a path to legalization...which leads to:
    "Figure everything out, do it right and come here LEGALLY"

    Im tired of this talking point, (as im sure youre of mine) there is no path way. unless you have money you cant come here legally (mexico assylum denials account for 89%).

    "being a minister in training mean that he has to roll over on his view points"

    i didnt say he has to, it just makes him a hypocrite


  5. For starters, if you are going to argue the contradicting viewpoint of such a controversial matter, make sure you know what the hell you are trying to argue--otherwise, you end up looking like an ignorant ass(pardon my language).
    As stated by two other 'commenters' before me, the DREAMact is not to provide financial aid to undocumented immigrants, but to provide them with the chance of an education, and, in the future, finally grant them their rightfully earned citizenship. It is ironic that in the one country that preaches that all people should have the same equal rights(whether it be education or something of another sort), is not willing to allow those who have the right, and not to mention the potential, to receive an education that will further benefit, not only their own lives, but the country as well.
    Walkers commentary during the student's presentation shows that this country has not yet surpassed the bigotry that has surrounded it for ages. Any comments about Walker being correct in acting in such a manner, further prove said point.
    "Thank god for people willing to stand up for American CITIZENS like Mr Walker!"
    Honestly, I think that it is people like Walker who put the American public to shame and subject it to humiliation, but hey, that's just me--nothing but an intellectual American CITIZEN born from immigrant parents.

  6. how sad that a grown man resorts to childish behaviors in order to get attention. if only he had stated his views in a more mature fashion, he not only would have received attention, he would have earned respect.

    it's a sad day when a grown man will pick on someone that is clearly smaller and weaker than him. how contradictory of his christian beliefs. it's a shame really. he should read the bible more carefully. i vaguely recall something about "love thy neighbor" ...

  7. The article should be titled, what happens when restrictionists realize they will lose an argument. I feel bad for Arizonians who aren't like that and get lumped together with Walker and Arpaio. Maybe there is something in Maricopa's water?

  8. Anonymous wrote:

    "Figure everything out, do it right and come here LEGALLY,"

    Like little children can figure it out, do it right, and come here legally. Kids go where their parents go.

  9. Jerry Walker is the most narrow minded, Racist man I have ever met in my life... Trust me this here is NOTHING compared to the racist comments he makes to employees and students, I know because he has done this to me many times, and I have seen him do this to employees and students at Maricopa. I dont see why they dont just fire him. But I am sure he will do this to another person that gets tired of him and files yet another complaint... Hopefully they dont ignore this and actually decide to do something about it. Walker and Arpaio very much alike. But sadly racism is still out there. And he wants to be a religious man !! woooow ... now THAT is being a hypocrite...

  10. Can you say: white supremacist...

  11. Even his license plate on his truck says: POWERR. I wouldn't not be surprised to find out he is a white racist coward punk who never served in the military.

  12. At the end of the day, the all-encompassing issue here is how we treat one another. It is a sad day for humanity when we cannot understand, respect, or help one another. We are so worried about protecting what is "ours" that we lose sight of integrity and honor. Patriotism will be the death of this nation if we are too proud to recognize that we are alienating ourselves as individuals and as a country. What will become of us when it is we who need help? The rest of the world will look down upon us and answer "no."

  13. Jerry Walker is one of the biggest idiots I have ever come across. He is a complete moron and I have to wonder how he ever got such a prestigious position as Board member of the community colleges district. Have you read his comment in the Business Journal about Dr. Glasper? He doesn't support the Chancellor because "Democrat ends with 'rat'". What? Is he serious with such idiotic statements? He can't be? Can he? Yes, I think he can, he's THAT big of a moron. Worst Person of the Week? More like Worst Person of the Year.