Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Came Out

To my friend Carla. We were hanging out and during our conversation we got into a discussion on politics, which led to who we voted for. So instead of once again lying, I just told her.

I can't vote.
Oh you're not a citizen yet?
No actually I'm undocumented

It was pretty surprising how easy it was to say.


  1. =) Glad to hear it was painless and you didn't faint. Did she say anything about it afterwards?

    No need to answer if you don't feel like sharing.

  2. it feels like a super hero revealing their secret identity really. It's like, "finally I got that off my chest."

  3. nope didn't faint. but felt like the the room went silent. Ill blog about her reaction next.

  4. That's pretty brave I believe. In my experience most people I've told have good reactions. It is pretty easy to say it though.