Saturday, February 14, 2009

Torta Dreams (and other thoughts of food)

A piece of avocado smeared my lip as I bit in to the delicious combination of jamon, queso, crema cebolla, lechuga and jalapenos. I took a slurp of my coke and I was in heaven.

I love tortas. No, I have a passion for tortas. Infact I love food! Now, I'm no foodie or food snob, at least not in the conventional use of those terms. I don't go nuts over pates, cheeses or caviar.

No I'm not that kind of foodie, I am a street food foodie.

I drool at the sight of a well prepared taco al pastor, my heart pounds faster at the first bite of a falafel pita from the "falafel drive in", my stomach rejoices when chicken tiki massala and nan enters it's realm, I get giddy over samosas and chaat, and I almost weep at the taste of carnitas from gilroy's "Carnitas Michoacan".

I guess the love for street food is inherent in me, since I hail from Mexico City. The D.F. is known for its multitude of street food vendors, from tacos and gorditas, to bunuelos, churros and God knows what.

One of the things that i greatly look forward to is the day that I'll be biting into a samosa in Mumbai, or having some dim sum in Shanghai, or a fish tacos in Tabasco!

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