Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Joe Arpaio

Dear Sir,

Thank You for your continued criminalization and persecution of Illegal Immigrants. I really strongly believe that your doing us a great favor by jailing mothers, fathers and workers, after you "catch" them "being" illegal during one of your "routine" traffic stops. In fact I'm so grateful that I'm willing to overlook the fact that there are 40,000+ felony arrest warrants that go un-served.

However, I'm especially thankful that you opted for putting these "illegals" in this concentration camp of yours. By doing so you have move one step closer to being removed from office and possibly prosecuted.

Just another one of your wetbacks

-Seriously though. How is this still happening in this country?! Japanese concentration camps, Jim Crow, Operation Wetback, Slavery, and the list of "lessons from the history" continue.


  1. Why is this man still working? So embarrassing for Arizona.

  2. Yeah, it should be embarrassing for the entire country and yet I still can't believe that there are people cheering him on. *sigh* I really hope someone takes him out of power.

  3. Sheriff Joe embodies the worst of our nation.