Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Telling Lance

I have known Lance since I was 16. We had pre-calculus together, hung out during lunch and passed several Saturday schools (due to tardies) together. I consider him one of my closest friends.
Yet I had never told him my status. It always made me uncomfortable, having to avoid the reasons why i kept postponing that awesome trip to Mexico we both wanted to take (Lance lived in Uruguay for 2 years, and probably speaks better Spanish than me), or having to embellish on my shitty job situation.

Last night via Facebook (of all places) I linked Lance to the intro of this blog. His reaction below:


That is very powerful!

i had no idea that you were undocumented or not technically a citizen


me neither really

not until 16

but its been a secret too long

and since i am tired of hiding it

i wrote about it

and have started to tell my closest friends


That really blows my mind

is there any recourse to becoming a citizen now...

or are you screwed if you turn to the government?


no path way but marrige

and i wont do a fake one

or this legislation


which is what i advocate for


i am going to look it up


I can't imagine the idea of you not be allowed to become a citizen


en verdad


you are as much of an american to me as anyone else i know...

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  1. Cool, I haven't told many of my friends too.