Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another small step forward

Taha was granted deferred action by DHS.

A little background on Taha

Like Walter Lara, Taha Mowla was brought to the USA when he was a toddler.

He has lived in Jersey City for more than 16 years.

On July 29, 2009, he will be deported to Bangladesh - a country that he has no memory of or connection to. -SEIU

One more DREAMer that was about to be handed back to a country that he does not know. A foreign country to him. But with the efforts of many, through calls, emails, faxes and web activism, the DHS granted a deferred action for Taha. He gets to remain in his home, at least for one more year.

This from

This is another testament to our power as a movement! Its known that after a two hour interview with immigration officials he was granted deferred action and was asked to tell all of his supporters to stop flooding their office with faxes.

Our Response….Never! Until the deportation and detention of all DREAMERS is realized

The individual deferrals of undocumented students under deportation orders is a victory for the DREAM movement, but it is a small band aid to an otherwise gaping wound. DREAM Act is the necessary action.

Until the DREAM Act is pased, Janet Napolitano and the DHS should issue an order which would stop ALL deportation orders and court hearings for DREAM candidates. This would at least allow many of us undocumented students to continue our struggle with just a bit less fear and more resolve.

Let's start by pressuring Sec. Napolitano to take such action, call DHS and tell Sec. Napolitano to stop the deportation orders, and court proceedings for all DREAM candidates, until passage of the DREAM Act.


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