Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new years resolution for 2009

  1. Help pass the DREAM Act
  2. Be more proactive
  3. New York
  4. Photography
  5. Get in Shape (for reals)
  6. Help Pass the DREAM Act


  1. Are we the same person? I also would like to go (actually move) to New York City and I will be giving photography a try. What kind of camera do you have/will be getting? Film or digital?

    I bought myself a film TLR because I can't afford a digital SLR. I will be a chemist too, I bought the chemicals to develop the film at home. Hopefully the developing won't be too difficult and I won't burn one of my eyes, LOL.

  2. Dood NYc has been calling me for a while! either for travel of to live there.

    I was given an old Cannon rebel SLR back in early collge, its a beginners camera but not bad to start with. Once i get better i want a Digital SLR (Nikkon :))

    I would love to develop my shots at home but right now im kinda a sofa surfer (getting ready for NYc ehehe)

  3. Getting ready? Do post photos if you go, hope the couch is comfy!