Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Tragic Loss

When I first started doing research for the DREAM Act, i ran into the Congressional testimony of Tam Tram. I was in awe. This young woman, young undocumented student was speaking out. it was a jolt of inspiration. When we started to communicate via FB i was giddy, and i told her so. She is a hero of mine.

A few months back i had a friend request from Cinthya Felix, a UCLA grad who was an aspiring Physician. We had conversations on G-chat and FB and were looking forward to meeting each other as we had heard much about one another.

Yesterday I learned that both had passed away in a terrible car accident.

I never had the privilege of meeting them in person, but my heart sinks as I think of the terrible loss, the pain their families are feeling.

Both these young women were an inspiration, they represented everything that the DREAM Act stands for. Both these young women were American to the core. They will be dearly missed


  1. They never lived to see their dream become true... my heart goes out to them... but we will make sure they see, from the heavens above, their lives' work become concrete. DREAM will be passed, so that others don't have to waste their lives seeing their dreams go to waste. And they will be happy.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. We recently had a close friend and activist killed here and I can't tell you the sadness we have felt so I understand how you must feel, even if you were unable to meet either of these young women. It is important more now than ever to continue their work. Un abrazo.