Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Odd (job) Man


Pre Bachelors:

Taco Bell - Dishwasher, Cashier, Cook, Window Cleaner.
Sheet metal shop- Graveyard Shop helper, Reg Schedule Accounting Clerk
McDonalds- Cashier, Janitor, Truck Unloader,
Warehouse #1 - Pallet loader, Warehouse Monkey, Warehouse monkey lead, Dispatcher
Burger King- Cashier

Post Bachelors:

Contract Technical Writer- Wrote manuals, translated white papers, ect
Warehouse #2 - truck unloader, Boxer ( i made boxes)
Foreign Contract manufacturer #1- assistant "engineer", oversaw line employees, translated SOPs,ect.
Foreign Contract manufacturer #2 - Warehouse monkey, laptop repair tech, Customer service, all around fireman

Will work for Papers


  1. Hay muchos que no pueden ver, o caminar...y tu llorando como pinche niñita por el tipo de trabajos que has tenido?

    A mi me toco andar poniendo volantes en los parabrisas de los carros y no me ves quejandome...o si?

    Hay gente que se parte la madre todos los dias en Mexico y no los ves llorando. Hay viejitas vendiendo dulces en las esquinas y sea como sea, siempre andan riendose.

  2. I was thinking of writing up a post of my past jobs. Think of it like this man, for all the thing we do, everything we have to put up with, how many people have we met that have changed or altered our lives ? How many people have we met that when they see us, they see their kids and the future of this country. They see hope in us because they know even though we are where we are at the moment, the time will come when we will be at the helm of change and make things better not just for them, but for everyone.

  3. Juan, i wasnt chillando, just listing my past jobs, since it is my one year anniversary at this gig i currently hold. It got me thinking of how many jobs Ive held.

    And like Hero said, of all the people that Ive met through them that inspire me and give me hope.

    ease up homie

  4. JuangG it would be nice if you didn't jump into conclusions. He was just looking back at all the jobs he has had.He was not at all crying about it. Also about you having to change the windshield wipers I don't think you are crying about it but you are sharing as well.

  5. wow. i need to brush up on my spanish so i can get into the loop.

    you still owe me tarter sauce. HA HA

    see you this weekend for lunch!