Monday, December 21, 2009

Houston Texas - Flight number 416- Part 1

As I stepped away from this blog, I decided I was going to face some fears of mine. There are many things that I fear as an undocumented American, one such thing being the simple act of boarding an airplane.

In early November an opportunity came up where I was invited to Houston, Texas, to meet some one very special to me, along with some Dreamer friends I've met online. I decided I would go. That same week I booked my flight for December 1st to the 4th.

1999 was the last time I had flown. It was a pre Real ID 45 minute flight to Los Angeles. I was a senior in High School and I was able to use my school ID.

This time I would fly using my Mexican Passport, which obviously contains no visa. I would have to show my passport to TSA agents at the airport an hope that they don't decide to look past the first page. I was a bit encouraged by having heard stories from other students about how they fly with their passport (including my own younger sister Gina) with out any problems. Yet the fear lingered there, as i remembered the late night call from Ju, when he was stopped and questioned by TSA at Oakland Airport. Worse, I remembered the story that Aldo told me of how he was questioned by Houston TSA when he was flying back to California.

I had a whole month to dwell on these thoughts of encouragement and fear, both alternating like an emotional sine wave (shout out to math lovers!). "But I'm 27", i thought, " i NEED to do this". That was my logic, i need to take control of my life, let go of fears and begin to live. otherwise I will spend the rest of my life in regret. Always looking back.

"i NEED to do this" it was this thought that remained in my mind as i walked up the the empty TSA check point at SFO at 4:30 am on December 1st 2009. My hands shaking, my body tense, my mind focused.

i need to do this...


  1. we need to talk. i'm sure you can help me. let me have your msn. you can post it as a comment in my blog...don't worry, no one will see it.

  2. That's awesome!! I have been thinking of doing it too but I always get these thoughts about the things that could happen to me!!