Saturday, May 16, 2009

San Francisco is calling

Its been six years of living in San Jose by myself. I came back to finish school, and during that I have worked plenty of odd jobs. I've deprived myself somewhat of my youth, choosing (perhaps) to focus on getting school done.

Now it is done. And I feel like I am walking around aimlessly. No goal in sight. No plans. Just day to day existence.

Faced with the countless limitations that my legal status provides, I have been toying with the idea of moving to San Francisco. The reasoning is purely selfish. I want to have fun.

I'm tired of working in manufacturing or fast food. Of not having young coworkers to which I can actually relate to. I'm aching to get some social life back. And I'm craving a Gin and Tonic.

My options seem better in San Francisco, which is more welcoming to an young immigrant such as myself. I could probably work as a bus boy, or if the stars align maybe even a barista. Minimum wage is better in SF than SJ and I would not have to drive. I could rent a room, get a bike and not shave. I'm clearly romanticizing this too much, but when you're faced with the stress and boredom that I've had for the past few years well.

Anyhow, the wheels are turning and if all works out, and I can summon the courage to once again strike out on my own and endure some change I should be in the city by the end of summer.

Time to start looking for a nice Pea Coat


  1. twice the cost of living, with probably the same income potential. meh, sure, go full bohemian. nothing to lose, u can always say you tried.

  2. That's my deadline too, end of August.

    Found a couple of places for $600-ish, I'm sure there's lots of competition for those. We should start training with the program Charming Strangers You Want to Live With 101, it will be tough.

  3. Go for it, if you can imagine the worst case scenario and you're ok with that then you have nothing to lose =) live a little! But how about you DO shave...? ;)

  4. I think SF definitely has and advantage over SJ being more welcoming to immigrants. I had similar issues at growing up here in Chicago. Now I can manage but is not the same for other friends who still can't socialize for legal reasons (id's and such).Good luck if you decide to go there.